This is how you know if your love has a future

Relationship testing: What’s behind partner testing? So you’ve decided that you want to test your relationship, yourselves as a couple, and the balance of the couple. Before doing this, you must first understand why you feel the need for something to go wrong with the couple’s balance. Because it has to come from somewhere – … Read more

Manipulation, manipulation and frustration in a relationship: this is how you should react

In a later relationship I experienced the match from the other side and was scared. I never felt free to do as I felt. Like me when I was younger, my partner couldn’t control her anger and was either yelling at me or ignoring me. once even hit. If your partner cannot control themselves in … Read more

Can she save the relationship?

Open Marriage: Advantages and Disadvantages of an Open Relationship There are many reasons for an open relationship – but there are also many against it. Advantages of an open marriage: It can make sex life in marriage more exciting More passion Gather new experiences Meeting needs outside the partnership feeling of freedom Disadvantages of an … Read more

Are you really compatible 10 points that tell you if your relationship makes sense

Checklist: 10 Signs of an Unhappy Relationship If there’s one thing we shouldn’t underestimate, it’s something for us gut instinct – for us gut feeling. He hits Warningif that is not true The things ; things Come close and protect us from evil decisions To meet – if we listen to him. Unfortunately, the rose-tinted … Read more