New data reveals how retailers can meet consumer expectations about Metaverse, sustainability, and more

Berlin (ots) – Productsup study: Consumers want more product information when shopping in the analog, digital, and virtual worlds. In the Metaverse, humans become part of the Internet. This also opens up entirely new opportunities for businesses. In order not to disappoint consumers’ expectations about trading in the Metaverse, companies must set the course now … Read more

Uncertainty about the future of the Ratio site in Tiefenbroich

May 11, 2022 at 10:37 am Ratio in Tiefenbroich : Retailers fear for their presence Retailers in the Ratio Pavilion fear for their futures: Said Nali of the deli, Holger Bongers (Pizza Asia Embis), Prodomus Menexidis (Lottery, tobacco), Pritam Sundry (Post Office, left). Photo: Achim Blazy (abz) Tiefenbroich The future of the Ratio site in … Read more