Anne Will: “Scholes is playing for time. Ukraine does not want to win this war.”

DrThree months have passed since Russian forces invaded Ukraine. Since then, martial law has entered into force in Ukraine, which parliament in Kyiv extended for another 90 days at the weekend. It is clear there that the war will go on for a long time. How successful Ukraine will be in defending itself against Russian … Read more

CDU politician Kieswetter attacks Olaf Schultz

DrCDU politician Rodrich Keswetter has denounced the path taken by the federal government in delivering heavy weapons to Ukraine. Chancellor Schultz (SPD) was accused of hesitation and playing time on Sunday night. Christian Democratic Union leader Friedrich Merz had previously criticized the government. “The German industry demonstrated on February 28 that they can very quickly … Read more

‘Difficult but fair’: ‘There is no red button you can just press’

zOn May 9, the Soviet Union’s “victory day” over Nazi Germany, the world waited to see what words Putin would address to the Russian people at the grand military parade. But the Russian president said little new about the war in Ukraine. What does this mean for Russia’s strategy? What does this mean for Germany … Read more

War in Ukraine: Should German Politicians Travel to a War Zone?

Updated on 5/6/2022 at 5:10 PM More and more German politicians are announcing their visit to Kyiv. The purpose of these trips is disputed. CDU politician Rodrich Keswetter considers them an important sign of solidarity. It shouldn’t just be media attention, says Kyiv political scientist Vyacheslav Lykachev. You can find more news about the war … Read more