RWE Comment: Dabrowski is the right guy

Now the cat is out of the bag: Christoph Dabrowski will be the new head coach of Rot Weiss-Essen and make RWE a good third-tier team as well. Suspension. distance Christian Tetz And the Christian Neidhart He must now Christopher Dabrowski in RWE. The 43-year-old football coach, Rot Weiss Essen, made an official presentation on … Read more

Sibiu Soko talks about Schalke-RWE-Bochum match and his future

Sibiu Socco host Schalke 04 with FC Sandhausen on Friday evening, and RS have spoken with the Bochum native beforehand. Almost synchronous with the rise of a file SV Sandhausen In the second half of the season, the curve begins Sibiu Soko. The Bochum-born 29-year-old struggled with initial difficulties following his move last summer. But … Read more