Without a refinery in Schwedt, BER-BZ Berlin was “largely off”.

May 4 2022 10:11 Update 5/5/2022 9:12 AM The countdown to the planned freeze on Russian oil imports has begun. Much is at stake for Berlin and Brandenburg, as the region relies heavily on the Schwidt/Oder refinery, which gets oil from Russia. The search for alternatives is in full swing. The Brandenburg state government is … Read more

“Maischberger” TV report: “If the war continues, it will affect supermarket prices”

WHe has a bad conscience about co-financing Putin’s war in Ukraine with imports of Russian raw materials into Europe, and he should be happy about the EU’s oil embargo. Not so, but for those who can’t afford it when petrol, electricity and groceries are getting more and more expensive. As for the latter, Federal Agriculture … Read more

Meysburger: Özdemir warns of inflation: Don’t hamster! – Politics

War, hunger and corona are the worst attacks of fever in our dangerous present. On her show “Woche,” talk show host Sandra Meischberger invites higher-end perspectives to a barrage of mist on the information front. Guests Jim Ozdemir (56, green). The Minister of Agriculture is one of the three most popular politicians. His concern: “Putin … Read more

According to reports: Schweig calls for dissolution of Climate Foundation MV | NDR.de – News

Status: 05/05/2022 06:35 AM Controversial core climate and environmental protection MV can be resolved. This is the result of a fatwa issued by the state. If Prime Minister Manuela Schweig (SPD) has what he wants, this must happen now as well. listen to another 1 minute Schweig asked the head of the controversial MV Foundation … Read more

Travel dispute: Chancellor expects concessions from Ukraine | Germany | DW

Is there anything moving in the diplomatic row over Frank-Walter Steinmeier’s canceled trip to Ukraine in April? Olaf Schultz said at the end of a cabinet meeting in Schloss Messberg, explaining again why he was not going to Ukraine at the moment and wanted to drive. But the German prime minister admits that he is … Read more

Russia: A loophole has been found – the Football Association wants to turn its back on Europe

football Change after sanctions A loophole has been found – the Russian Federation wants to turn its back on Europe Status: 4:17 PM | Reading time: 2 minutes Shortly after the Russian invasion in February, UEFA withdrew from the Champions League final from St Petersburg. More far-reaching sanctions followed Credit: PA/KEYSTONE/JEAN-CHRISTOPHE BOTT The Russian national … Read more

Ukraine: worry about May 9! Is Putin sending millions of soldiers to war? – Politics abroad

For more than two months, Kremlin dictator Vladimir Putin, 69, has been leading his government The war against Ukraine. Now there are growing concerns about further escalation – and all things “victory day”: foreign politician from the Christian Democratic Union, Rodrich Kiswetter (58) warns of a general Russian mobilization. “One should fear that Vladimir Putin … Read more

Frederic Merz meets with Ukrainian President Selinsky in Kyiv

Policy visit to Ukraine CDU leader, Merz, meets with Ukrainian President Selinsky in Kyiv Status: 2:10 AM | Reading time: 3 minutes “Merz met Silinsky. This will harm the Social Democrats in Berlin.” During his visit to Kyiv, the head of the Christian Democratic Union, Frederic Merz, met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. A Merz … Read more

Fill up: Crude oil is cheaper, fuel is at a record level – the government must take responsibility

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Lindner from Maischberger: Putin’s war goals can no longer be achieved! – Politics

Giving hope for a ceasefire in Ukraine, but beware of the Kremlin’s tricks! Sandra Meishberger’s “Woche” talk also cares about gas stations and patients. Guests Christian Lindner (43). The Federal Minister of Finance wants to pump 200 billion euros to reduce prices. Alexander Rodnyansky (35). The economist advises the head of Ukrainian freedom Volodymyr Zelensky. … Read more