Legacy burdens hamper transfers: Schalke pays players long gone

Inheritance burdens hinder transfers Schalke pays players long gone 02/06/2022 11:41 AM Schalke 04 returns to the German Bundesliga. But with big financial problems. The club cannot afford to sign defensive coach Ko Itakura, and further transfers will be difficult. This is also due to the obligations of players who have long stopped playing for … Read more

Eintracht in the European League: a role model in Frankfurt

Why has no one actually come up with the idea of ​​entrusting a reputable opinion research institute with the most important issue in the republic? Why hasn’t a media company sent its reporters to the polls yet? It would be a useful project, especially now, after Eintracht Frankfurt’s stunning European Cup win: figuring out which … Read more

The number of spectators is missing in the Bundesliga season

DrARD’s sports show had to accept a sharp drop in viewership this past Bundesliga season. On average, 3.909 million people viewed the abstracts. This is about 17 percent less than the previous season. “Of course, the loss of an average of nearly 900,000 viewers worries us,” ARD sports coordinator Axel Balkowski of the German news … Read more

Werder Bremen and HSV play for upgrade

WPlaces of appreciation in the direction of Hamburger SV, perhaps sympathy for the northern competitor? Not with Uli Werner. “I don’t think too much about it. We are trying to do our best and doing our part to be among the winners in this fight for promotion. That’s all I focus on”, said the Werder … Read more

Erling Haaland: He leaves Borussia Dortmund and goes to Manchester City

DrThe operation seemed almost conspiratorial. Borussia Dortmund announced on Monday that Erling Haaland will take a day off from training to “settle personal matters”. And the Belgian newspaper, Neusblad, reported, on Tuesday, that the Norwegian striker underwent a mandatory medical examination at the Erasmus Hospital in Brussels. This was to avoid the uproar that would … Read more

FC Schalke 04 – FC St. Pauli 3: 2: S04 advances to the Bundesliga

After an active performance, the big promotion party began: 382 days after the relegation, Schalke returned to the Bundesliga. Second Division leaders FC St. Pauli are defeated 3:2 (0:2) after a 0:2 delay and cannot be ejected from one of the top two places on the last day of the match. At 10:26 pm, all … Read more

Sibiu Soko talks about Schalke-RWE-Bochum match and his future

Sibiu Socco host Schalke 04 with FC Sandhausen on Friday evening, and RS have spoken with the Bochum native beforehand. Almost synchronous with the rise of a file SV Sandhausen In the second half of the season, the curve begins Sibiu Soko. The Bochum-born 29-year-old struggled with initial difficulties following his move last summer. But … Read more