Is Biontech suspicious of its vaccine?

Berlin. The Biontech vaccine has been used worldwide against the coronavirus for about a year and a half. It protects millions of people from serious COVID-19 diseases. Although many international studies have already proven this, opponents of vaccination continue to attack the drug. Referring to a Biontech document from the USA, the manufacturer was recently … Read more

Friday: Plant growth in lunar soil, Google supports app developers

Scientists have grown plants in soil samples taken from the moon for the first time. NASA sees this as a first step toward potential self-sufficiency for astronauts on Earth’s satellite. Google I/O continues to tackle ground issues such as better support for app developers and more help for blind and deaf people with Android 13. … Read more

Information validation: Is Biontech suspicious of acquiring its own vaccine?

Research Information validation: Is Biontech suspicious of acquiring its own vaccine? 05/09/2022, 08:26 | Reading time: 4 minutes According to the current scientific state, Comirnaty is approximately 90 percent effective against severe Covid 19 disease when infected with the delta variant – with the omicron mutant, preliminary data shows that protection is less good. picture: … Read more

‘Another future’ | Press Portal

05/05/2022 – 08:01 Future Children’s Rights Association Vienna (OTS) Documentary film directed by Patricia Marchart and George Sabransky, FUTURE CHILDREN’S RIGHTS “I have always practiced this in my medical life in a way where it was based on evidence and now I am actually testing it for the first time in the context of the … Read more