Joleen Beer and Svenja Huth live in diversity – in sports and in the private sector | – Sports

Status: 06/02/2022 11:32 AM Both Jolyn Beer and Svenja Huth have successfully played both Olympic shooters and national football players. For them, diversity isn’t just a buzzword. Both athletes are openly eccentric. Huth married her partner before EM. The fourth part of a sports series on for Diversity Day. by Andreas Bellinger Both are … Read more

Relationship: How to Overcome Lies and Cheating After Infidelity

Negative emotions can be so intense that we tend to push them aside. But that would be a mistake: we don’t learn to deal with what we have experienced in this way. At some point feelings will catch up with us again. Then sadness and anger return with the slightest discomfort, and the situation gradually … Read more