Sales start on Monday: what passengers need to know about the €9 ticket

Sales start on Monday What passengers need to know about a 9 euro ticket 05/22/2022, 07:43 AM Explore the cities by bus and train or travel through Germany with Regio: from June, all this is possible for nine euros. But can I take my dog ​​with me? Reserve a seat? And what if I already … Read more

Summer will be rough for commuters and north of Frankfurt

DrNorth Frankfurt also belongs to the big city. Carmen Triolep of Harheim, who says she speaks on behalf of many residents of the area, wants to remind the politicians in Romer. She accuses them of forgetting the “suburbs” in their plans to change traffic. The reason for her claim is that the S-Bahn Line 6 … Read more

The future is very tightly planned (

Senator Bettina Jarash and her Secretary of State Mike Neidball (both green), Stadler Germany President Jüri Mikulcic and BVG COO Rolf Erfurt with the new trains Photo: dpa / Monika Skolimowska “For us, public transport is the backbone of traffic transformation, and it is critical that it is attractive,” says Berlin Mobility Senator Bettina Garach … Read more