Too few new buildings – why Germany fails to build housing

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The Employment Agency promotes vocational training and further education

May 12, 2022 at 1:21 pm Addressing the shortage of skilled labor through vocational training and further education : Vocational training brings more money Michel Susil, Yasmine Janssen and Dean Elbakir (from left) have completed their apprenticeship training as qualified nursing staff at Pro Thales. Photo: Matzrath, Ralph (RM-) Langenfeld Vocational education and training helps … Read more

Comment: The future of work must be shaped now

During the pandemic, some jobs have become more flexible, others harder, and many have disappeared. And there are much larger challenges that already require answers. Between the light at the end of the Corona tunnel and the threatening shadow of the Ukraine war, this should be Labor Day Labor Day Not just a break, but … Read more