Davos: Habek leaves skepticism and really tough questions for others

HIn green in front of the global business elite? Tachels is certainly the order of the day, as it was three years ago when Greta Thunberg made her first visit to the Swiss Alps. “The house is burning” accused Swedish climate activist participants in the World Economic Forum. Robert Habeck chose a different path, experimenting … Read more

Partnership: How to argue properly without damaging your relationship

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Energy Transmission: The Misconception of Habic Heat Pump – WELT

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Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro and Fit 2: New wearables and a sign of life in a smartphone

Huawei has announced two new smartwatches and is launching a new set of apps designed to promote overall health. With the Mate Xs 2, a new foldable smartphone is also coming to Germany, albeit with a very large lump on the leg. The new best-in-class smartwatch model is the Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro, which … Read more

Google I/O: Android 13 brings more to the blind and deaf

Android lowers barriers for users with disabilities as well as for users with limited circumstances. At the Google I/O Developer Conference, Google is introducing several improvements that will be available for Android devices in the coming weeks and months. The new accessibility reader will help people with low vision to read long text on screens. … Read more

Friday: Plant growth in lunar soil, Google supports app developers

Scientists have grown plants in soil samples taken from the moon for the first time. NASA sees this as a first step toward potential self-sufficiency for astronauts on Earth’s satellite. Google I/O continues to tackle ground issues such as better support for app developers and more help for blind and deaf people with Android 13. … Read more

Google I/O: Pixel 6a, Pixel 7, Pixel Tablet and Pixel Watch announced

Google I/O Developer Conference keynote kicks off at 7pm. Company President Sundar Pichai welcomed the audience to the Shoreline Theater for the first time in three years. At the event, Google announced the Pixel 6a, the latest Android developer smartphone. Pixel 6a should cost 460 euros. It will run on the same Tensor chip that … Read more

How smartphones can help

DrAstrophysicist Carl Sagan imagined the future of therapy in 1975 this way: He thought there was a phone booth on every street corner, where you could insert some coins and then a robotic processor phone. Phone booths are few and far between today, but Sagan’s vision still looks very relevant in 2022. At least you … Read more

The future of smartphones: in 2030, mobile phones will wirelessly charge and use holographic displays

Carolina Diaz-Marsa, Dennis Styles Smartphone development is progressing so fast that even 10 year old phones seem rudimentary. But wait until 2030 – we’re just beginning! Zoom The future of smartphones: wireless charging over the air, 6G & Co. © Thomas Andreas / shutterstock.com Smartphones have changed our lives, making getting information easier. They combine … Read more

Google Pixel Watch: This is known about the smartwatch

About to unveil Google’s Pixel Watch: At I/O developers, Google could give viewers a first glimpse of its first smartwatch. There has been speculation about the Google Watch for years, at least since the Fitbit takeover was a foregone conclusion. But that hasn’t come yet: Fitbit continues to build its own OS watches even after … Read more