European Cup: Historical justice for Eintracht Frankfurt

HIt would be a long time, that was more than obvious. “The way I got to know Eintracht Frankfurt this year, they are so well organized – especially when it comes to parties,” said Marcus Croce, the new sporting director who joined last summer, when it was just after 1 am. In the end it … Read more

Journey from Argentina to Bolivia: suffering from drought and hunger at the border

BOlivia has never been high on my global trip plans. But since flights from Argentina to Peru (which are high on my global trip planning) are cumbersome and expensive, I decided to travel by bus through Bolivia to get to Peru. In addition, this is in theory a good opportunity to get acquainted with another … Read more

No to war and capitalist misery! For the socialist revolution in Latin America!

This is the speech given by Tomas Castanheira on the 1st of May 2022 at the International Labor Day Rally Online. Castanheira is a prominent member of the Socialist Equality Group in Brazil. You can find all the sermons below Tomas Castanheira, a prominent member of the Socialist Equality Group in Brazil On this … Read more