Hertha BSC: “We have to bring calm to the club” – Sport

Hertha BSC: “We have to bring calm to the club” – Sport

Freddy Bobic, 50, broke into the door of Hertha’s dressing room at Hamburg’s Volkspark, and was spooked again at the end of a badly bad season: “What a dirty music,” and he scolded the manager. It was in light of the amazing bass that comes with the loud sounds beats per minute– Numbers chased through … Read more

Munich: This is how the nine-euro ticket works – Munich

For only nine euros per month throughout Germany: this will be possible from June to August. How the cheap ticket might work was initially unclear after the announcement. Now the most important questions about the nine-euro ticket have been clarified. When and where is the €9 ticket available? The transport company Munich (MVG) is offering … Read more

Formula 1 in Barcelona: Analysis of Ferrari’s error in Maranello – Sport

After Charles Leclerc jumped out of the cockpit, he first went to the mechanics. One by one, he gave them five fans. He then crossed the pit lane for a further handshake to the command post where the engineers and team principal Mattia Binotto were watching the Spanish Grand Prix. The race was still in … Read more

Max Verstappen in Formula 1: “I’m not stupid” – sport

Max Verstappen Ahead of the weekend at the Grand Prix, Max Verstappen gave his colleague Sergio Perez gifts for the birth of his child. Onesie, bib, socks and stickers to play with, all in the design of the Dutch World Champion Orange. On Sunday, it was Perez who gave him a gift, albeit involuntarily: the … Read more

Frontline: Historian Serhiy Plokhy on Putin’s World View. – Politics

It all started with “organized divorce proceedings”: the term, coined in Kyiv in the 1990s, demonstrated Ukraine’s efforts to completely evade Russian rule. Abandoning its nuclear weapons, leasing the naval base in Sevastopol to the Russian fleet – every concession offered by the second largest state in the former Soviet Union provided guarantees of the … Read more

Don’t trust anyone who wants to predict the future

The closer Christmas gets, the more tempting it becomes to bring references to the festival in entirely different contexts. And indeed, who would have thought that, even economists who love numbers are quite speculative. Findings from a research report of a large German bank: “Belief in inflation expectations, perhaps even in their decimal places for … Read more

Lyon win the Champions League: Naim Ada Hegerberg – Sports

Ada Hegerberg was still very excited about what had just happened. So when she was asked to answer questions in front of the TV camera, she took all her feelings with her. The interview began by embracing the anchor on her right and the expert on her left, jumping with them saying “Eyes! Ein! Ein! … Read more

UEFA Women’s Champions League: Lyon’s record wins

This final between Barcelona and Olympique Lyonnais players began with a huge difference, which will become a harbinger of the course of this game. Lyon’s Ada Hegerberg had to decide what to do with the ball near her team’s penalty area. She paused and then decided to pass him away from the gate where she … Read more

German FA Cup final: Leipzig take total betting

Leipzig’s champions gleefully scurried towards goalkeeper Peter Gulacci and then let their fans celebrate, tears welling up from Freiburg. After a thrill in the final, the RB right-back celebrated his first major title in the young club’s history on Saturday night. RB Leipzig won the DFB Cup final after losing 1-0 and outperforming them on … Read more

Kaiserslautern vs Dresden: Mood: Great, Game: OK – Sports

New Lutheran coach Dirk Schuster predicted a match shaped by tactics. And he was right. In the 0-0 relegation match between 1. FC Kaiserslautern and Dynamo Dresden, the background was first-class, but the match was largely without chances. Dresden’s Michael Solbauer readily admitted that such a result could be more unfortunate for the neutral spectator … Read more