The Rule of Bureaucrats – A Study of the Reich Treasury. – Politics

Carl Schmidt’s quote from Political Theology from 1922, which states that “he who governs a political emergency is the sovereign” is now cited, whenever he wills. Thus, the term “state of emergency” has been decontextualized and stripped of history, referring to everything and nothing from the political world of seventeenth-century Spain to conditions in concentration … Read more

Michael Kollner leaves his future in TSV 1860 open – Athlete

You know it well enough from the guys, but with a coach, it’s another thing again, climbing the fence at the fans block. And will Michael Kollner put himself at risk of injury, celebrate with fans and shout things at them over the megaphone that fans would like to hear if he never saw any … Read more

Bamberg: Opening of Bavarian Theater Days with “Kangaroo by the Pool” – Munich

What is normal? The view in the fully occupied hall is not. At least for now. In any case, there hasn’t been a full house like this in Bamberg for two years, said Sibyl Brühl Pape, artistic director of the Etta Hoffmann Theater, at the opening of the 38th Bavarian Theater Day. The meeting of … Read more

Bayern Munich in Wolfsburg: Lewandowski becomes emotional – individual criticism – sports

Manuel Neuer He is generally considered a very ambitious player, hardly convinced that he played the last game of the season for Bayern Munich at the Volkswagen Arena and not at the Olympic Stadium (DF Cup) or the Stade de France in Paris (European Champions). league). In the past, in Bundesliga days like these, he … Read more

Football – Bielefeld relegated for the eighth time – Sport

Düsseldorf (AFP) – Armenia Bielefeld picked up again. A 1-1 draw with RB Leipzig saw Westphalia relegated from the Bundesliga for the eighth time. Only 1. FC Nuremberg is relegated again. After all, Arminia is a standard climber with the club. Three times (1980/1999/2004) he managed to return directly to the first division. Twice, from … Read more

Freiburg dreams of the Champions League for five minutes

Freiburg just missed the Champions League for the first time. In a dramatic final, Christian Streiche’s side were just one goal away from qualifying and tied for at least €15m for five minutes. But Leipzig’s Willy Urban’s goal in the third minute of stoppage time for a 1-1 goal against Bielefeld placed Saxony in fourth … Read more

Germany wins the Ice Hockey World Championships: Grubauer and Glück – Sport

Toni Soderholm left it up to his players how they want to shake their heads and bones after the 5-3 win over Canada: with a soccer match, outside on artificial turf; Or with some easy skating courses and shooting exercises in the gym. Just 24 hours after the opening World Cup defeat in Helsinki to … Read more

Hertha Berlin in decline: The old lady remains the drama queen

It was 5:22 p.m., and arms were rising in the east corner of the north runway. Out of sheer despair, out of unhappiness, out of shame. The news from Stuttgart spread over smartphones and one or two transistor radios, encouraging hundreds of Berliners to run their hands through their hair in sync. Hertha trailed 2-1 … Read more

Travel – Cologne – High demand for new passports – Society

Berlin / Cologne (DPA) – A few weeks before the start of the summer holidays, many Germans want to get a new passport. The Federal Ministry of the Interior reports that applications for passports are currently very high. A spokesman for the Federal Ministry of the Interior told dpa that this is mainly due to … Read more

Until victory: G7 foreign ministers meeting in Germany – Politics

The sky over Schleswig-Holstein darkens when Dmytro Kuleba is asked about negotiations with Russia in the garden of Weissenhaus Castle, and large drops fall. “Russia prefers war to talks,” Ukraine’s foreign minister said. Ukraine is ready for dialogue on the basis of mutual respect, but not under the pressure of ultimatums from Moscow. Hardly a … Read more