FC Munich in hockey qualifiers: Farewell to the developer – sports

With separations for “special reasons” this is a thing sometimes. Especially when coaches leave the club after a successful season, press departments prefer to use this term to save themselves from trying to explain perhaps more complex reasons. But sometimes private causes are actually private reasons – and they hit everyone involved equally unexpectedly. Under … Read more

Wasserburg basketball players plan a fresh start in the second division

In the end, there was general satisfaction, and even the president was “a little surprised” by this, as Bastian Wernhaler admitted. TSV Wasserburg’s basketball division has officially decided to resume the Bundesliga South at a public meeting on Monday evening. After the German women’s basketball champion’s relegation, it was certainly up for debate to withdraw … Read more

In long pants through the shop window – sport

Even the retired winter sports enthusiast can get overwhelmed by the cold. Alexandra Burgard, who recently raced for an Olympic silver medal at the Mariama Jamanca in Beijing, returned to her main job for the first time since her winter trek, racing on a tartan track, on Sunday at the 35th Ludwig Gall Sports Festival … Read more

Amateur football in Bavaria: strange stories from the 21/22 season

Notable things happen these days: in Bavarian amateur football – relegation or not – the season ends more on schedule than on some regional trains, as is said to have happened more often in the past; A season that began in the summer of the previous year, completed on schedule, didn’t span several years and … Read more

Philip Lahm: Health advice from the heart of young people

If the Brazilian Ronaldo wrote such a book after his career or the Englishman Paul Gascoigne, one would have talked about the problem of credibility. Or maybe Max Eberl, who one day learned how to play football with Bayern Munich and after his career at Borussia Mönchengladbach, literally became a heavyweight among football officials. And … Read more

Weinzierl and Hofmann quit FC Augsburg: Wild West Days – Sport

On Tuesday, the dust in Augsburg FC had calmed at least a little, which was also due to the fact that retired coach Markus Wenzierl said goodbye to the team on Monday after a lactate test without further escalation. His staff and players also entered the summer break, which actually began on Saturday with a … Read more

Michael Kollner leaves his future in TSV 1860 open – Athlete

You know it well enough from the guys, but with a coach, it’s another thing again, climbing the fence at the fans block. And will Michael Kollner put himself at risk of injury, celebrate with fans and shout things at them over the megaphone that fans would like to hear if he never saw any … Read more