The palace revolution fails in the jungle of paragraphs

Johan Elias showed no sign. Although that’s something important with him: pressed lips, and an icy look, he often travels cross-country. Even as Iliasek told delegates on Thursday, at the start of the 53rd Congress of the World Ski Association Fis, how pleased I was to see them all again. oh Now the delegates had … Read more

Fis-President Eliasch: From a beacon of hope to a problem – Sports

On Tuesday, delegates from the World Ski Federation Fis arrived in Milan, at the Hotel Prinicpe di Savoia: a neoclassical facade, Turkish baths and other five-star luxury that was already tempting Queen Elizabeth. In front of the dignitaries of winter sports, of course, there were also two sweaty days of the conference: on Wednesday evening, … Read more

Sport and Discrimination: The German Football Association’s “Language Kick” Guide – Sports

Discriminatory language on the football field is as old as the sport itself, and there have been various attempts to combat it throughout this time. Now KickIn! It introduced an approach that had not existed before. “Language Kick” is the name of the latest idea from the federation for inclusion and diversity in football, where … Read more