Haute Couture – Beauty Gesture

Two women of different castes, described as a pair of opposites who couldn’t be different, meet in a roundabout way and cannot get away from each other. haute couture design It’s a good looking movie with nice clothes. In the opinion of the savior Robbed by young thief Jade (Lena Khoudrey), soon-to-be retired Directrice Esther … Read more

The new theater schedule is shown in Hilden

May 18, 2022 at 6:31 pm Helden’s new theater schedule : Curtain for Serial Theater New theatrical schedule, presented by Eva Dahmer and Ott Halls from left Photo: Kohlin, Stefan (Teff) Holden Today, Wednesday, the Cultural Office presented the schedule for the 2022/23 season. Eight theatrical performances were selected. The season starts on September 24th. … Read more

Bamberg: Opening of Bavarian Theater Days with “Kangaroo by the Pool” – Munich

What is normal? The view in the fully occupied hall is not. At least for now. In any case, there hasn’t been a full house like this in Bamberg for two years, said Sibyl Brühl Pape, artistic director of the Etta Hoffmann Theater, at the opening of the 38th Bavarian Theater Day. The meeting of … Read more

Jesus is studying space travel and Judas delivers pizza – local news

Jesus has not shaved since Ash Wednesday 2021. Like his deputy, he comes from the Bavarian Alpine community in Oberammergau. Otherwise, it should not be Jesus. After a forced hiatus of two years, the Oberammergau Passion Play begins on May 14 for the 42nd time. 2000 Performers bring the Passion of Jesus to the stage. … Read more

“Beyond Care” by Alexander Zelden in Berlin Schaubonne-Kultur

Alexander Zeldin’s guest performance “Love” was the discovery of last year’s Berlin Schaubahn research festival. In his semi-documentary theatre, the British author and director shows, for all its ramifications, everyday life very vividly in an inn of a shattered welfare state: inviolable people. Small gestures, hesitation, or a powerless fit of anger are enough to … Read more

Schlossgarten Stuttgart: The playhouse is getting bigger and can be rented – Stuttgart-Mitte

The new theater will adopt the pavilion forms of the old building and will be slightly larger. Photo: / Jürgen Brand The old building in the lower castle garden will be demolished at the beginning of 2023 and replaced with a new one. For decades, the theater in the castle’s lower park has been a … Read more