Weinzierl and Hofmann quit FC Augsburg: Wild West Days – Sport

On Tuesday, the dust in Augsburg FC had calmed at least a little, which was also due to the fact that retired coach Markus Wenzierl said goodbye to the team on Monday after a lactate test without further escalation. His staff and players also entered the summer break, which actually began on Saturday with a … Read more

Augsburg: Two resignations within 24 hours

At the end and in a small group, a third farewell question was asked, which was caused not so much by excitement as by the sudden resignations of president Klaus Hoffmann and coach Markus Weinzerl. The question was directed to Stefan Reuter, and it was about how sure he will remain as FC Augsburg manager … Read more

Resort’s last TV camera: Weinzierl exits with Reuter

Updated on 05/15/2022 at 10:58 AM Markus Weinzerl leaves Augsburg. The coach announced this after his team’s last match in Augsburg against Grother Fürth in front of the cameras. Winzierl hits unsuspecting director Stefan Reuter with a completely sudden bang. More current news about the German Bundesliga can be found here The grumbled Marcus Wenzierl … Read more