Ainred with new plans: future trailer

Make way for a spaceship on wheels! After Ainred introduces a self-driving truck, the next explosion follows – a futuristic trailer. What is it all about. 05/20/2022 Matthew Rathman Attention, the future is here! The new trailer is streamlined and elegant. It can be combined with different electric trucks – with or without a driver. … Read more

Literary Quartet with Eva Minas, Moritz von Uslar and Jacob Augustin

In the highly anticipated “Literary Quartet” (May 26), literary critic and writer Thea Dorn discusses new literary releases with her guests. This time around the novels “Lamento” by Madame Nielsen, “We Went Out and Played Football” by Andreas Bernard, “A Minor Matter” by Adania Shebli and “Slip of the Clocks” by Uwe Telkamp. Guests are: … Read more