Ares Design Land Rover Defender V8

Ares Design from Italy launches a new small series of Land Rover Defender with V8. The body is entirely made of carbon fiber material. Torsten Seppet and Ole Baumann 02/06/2022 In fact, Ares Design of Modena in Italy considers itself a classic “bus maker” – a company that reinterprets the current series of vehicles with … Read more

Mercedes GLC: New Edition starting September 2022

In 2019, Mercedes updated the existing Mercedes GLC with a facelift. But as early as May 2020, Erlkönigjäger led the next generation in front of the viewfinder for the first time. The compact SUV, called the X254 internally, was officially presented and we were already able to get a look at the car in person. … Read more

Lexus RX (2023): Hybrid up to 371 hp

Lexus RX 5th Generation (2023) Luxury SUV with three hybrid options up to 371 hp Make three out of one: Lexus will expand the hybrid look with the new RX. At the world premiere of the fifth generation, the Japanese are presenting three different variants of electric vehicles with which the RX aims to track … Read more

Actual Cost and Depreciation: Honda HR-V E: HEV

The Japanese crossover comes with 131 horsepower, check consumption and cost. What are the advantages of complex hybrid technology? “With good comfort, smart versatility, plenty of space, quality upholstery and plenty of utility equipment, the HR-V is the better car, but not very efficient in the effort.” In the conclusion of our test editor, Sebastian … Read more

BMW iX M60 (2022) | Car engine and sports

The chassis sways, the seats vibrate: the M60 top-end version of the BMW iX prepares to start the snobbish 1,100 Nm with “force vibration”. How much M is in a 455 kW electric SUV? Let’s get acquainted with the first driving of an electric SUV. What is actually expected of BMW’s M-Performance models? In essence: … Read more

Ineos Grenadier in the | . component Car engine and sports

When James Ratcliffe announced in 2016 that he wanted to build a successor to the then-defunct Land Rover Defender, some thought it was an eccentric idea from the British billionaire. The rumored decision-making process in a London pub made the skepticism about the daring venture to establish a new car brand and compete with the … Read more

Subaru Soltera: This is what Subaru’s first electric car costs

In the summer of 2019, Subaru and its shareholder Toyota announced the joint development of electric vehicles for both brands. Toyota is responsible for the drive unit as part of the collaboration, while Subaru is bringing its all-wheel drive expertise to the project. The Solterra is the first model that Subaru applies to the “E-TNGA” … Read more

Mercedes GLS 400d in the test

The S-Class among SUVs is said to be seven-seater, and with a 330-horsepower diesel it is also particularly efficient. Well: the test. A certain fatalism can certainly be read, because even in 2019 it was partly appropriate to celebrate an increase in length by 7.7 cm in a new car – to 5.21 meters. In … Read more

Actual costs and consumption: BMW X4 xDrive30i

How much does a four-wheel drive SUV with a 245 hp gasoline engine cost in everyday life? This is exactly what we explained in our comprehensive cost check. “The narrow chassis and narrow body prevent the X4 from climbing here (in comparison test with the Audi Q5 and Porsche Macan). The economical engine and transmission … Read more

Real Cost and Depreciation: Jaguar F-Pace P550 SVR

550 hp, heavy 2.1 tons: how do power and mass affect the consumption and daily costs of a dynamic SUV? “The buoyant ambiance inside and the massive eight-cylinder compressor characterize the F-Pace SVR. The weaknesses in suspension comfort aren’t that great.” Author Heinrich Lingner is completely taken in by the dynamic power of Jaguar’s SUV. … Read more