This country is the most popular among German immigrants

Updated: 18.05.2022 – 17:08 bye germany Far to the south: this country is the most popular among German immigrants Photo: Getty Images / Sasipa Muennuch German immigrants are mainly attracted to Switzerland. People who turn their backs on Germany and want to start a new life in another country are not turned away often. But … Read more

War Day Glance: Ukraine announces halt to eastern offensive – Shultz no longer wants to travel to Kyiv

Glimpse of war day Ukraine announces halt to eastern offensive – Schulze does not want to travel to Kyiv anymore May 16, 2022 at 9:33 pm According to the Ukrainian army, the Russian Donbass offensive has come to a complete standstill. Ukraine has not yet confirmed the alleged rescue of wounded soldiers from the Azov … Read more

Ukraine update: G7 wants to ‘never accept’ new borders | Current Europe | DW

The basics in a nutshell: The G7 insists on the territorial integrity of Ukraine Schultz: Putin has not achieved any of his war goals Zelensky calls for more pressure on Russia Barbuk confirms his solidarity with Ukraine Turkey opposes NATO expansion The seven major industrial countries of the West have given assurances that they will … Read more

The chancellor is weak after the withdrawal: Schultz and his ministers assert themselves their creative power

For two days, the entire federal government withdraws to Castle Messburg for a closed conference. In the end, she returned to work with renewed enthusiasm, as cabinet members unanimously attest. Only the consultant is not satisfied – with the assessment of his government work. In addition to his duties as Deputy Federal Chancellor and Minister … Read more