Arms shipments: Ukraine loses patience with Germany

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Self-propelled howitzers for Ukraine: the fist that strikes – Politics

The federal government is moving forward with the delivery of heavy weapons to Ukraine. German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht announced Friday during a visit to Slijic in Slovakia that Germany will deliver seven self-propelled howitzers to the country. The day before, Chancellor Olaf Schultz (Social Democratic Party) had already announced a major exchange of rings, … Read more

Alice Schwarzer on the Ukraine War: An “illusion” that Ukraine will defeat Russia

Germany Alice Schwarzer “You’re driving your tank toward disaster at full speed.” Status: 3:14 pm | Reading time: 2 minutes “Alice Schwarzer with Dieter Noehr – Peaceful Frontiers Don’t Extend Between Left and Right” Columnist Jan Fleischhauer “didn’t expect such a big approval for arms deliveries to Ukraine from a party like the Greens.” He … Read more