What will happen to the prisoners of Azov? Putin and “Emma” propaganda

DrThe defenders of Mariupol gave up their resistance. On the orders of Kyiv, the last fighters of the Azov Steel laid down their arms and allowed themselves to capture the invaders. The Azov Brigade held out for weeks in a lost position. The messages that the besieged have sent to the world speak of the … Read more

Soon FIFA will not be called FIFA

HThe first signs of ending the partnership, which has now lasted 23 years, appeared in October. Now it’s official: So far the most popular football game will not be called “FIFA” from 2023, but “EA Sports FC”, the American video game provider Electronic Arts (EA) announced Tuesday night. The partnership with FIFA will not be … Read more

Brown bear in Bavaria: No problem ‘as long as it’s grass’

BRaunbar Bruno, who immigrated to Bavaria from Italy 16 years ago, has captured the world’s attention. “Mr. Bruno Goes on a Picnic” is how The New York Times described his snacks with rabbit, chicken and sheep. Because he was so bold, he was dropped and ended up stuffed into the museum. Since then, individual bears … Read more