Too few new buildings – why Germany fails to build housing

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Operation ‘honour killings’ in Berlin: ‘My mother was enslaved’

HAre the urgent questions posed by Imran (name changed) at the trial of his mother’s alleged killers: “How can you continue to live with this conscience?” asks the 14-year-old, referring to his uncles – his mother’s two brothers. “How do you keep breathing that air after you do that? What do you think about when … Read more

After the election disaster: Now the AfD are openly arguing about their president, Tino Chrupala

MIn two percentage points – the state elections in North Rhine-Westphalia are the 10th consecutive elections in which the AfD has had to complain about losses. With just 0.4 points above the five percent barrier, the right has just returned to the state parliament in the most populous federal state. The party’s crisis worsens a … Read more

Dozen Tekal: Isn’t the future elite in the ghetto?

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