Eight Super Ordinary Things You Shouldn’t Do When Traveling

You’ve heard about these classic travel rules from a young age: Always keep an eye on your wallet and passport, better discard shady cheap branded goods, take a critical look at your drinking water and never eat undercooked food in the tropics. But there’s a lot to consider when you’re on the road. For example, … Read more

Corona and the holiday: What to consider when traveling in 2022

holidays Vacation despite Corona: Is it worth booking early when traveling? Updated: 01/23/2022, 18:16 | Reading time: 6 minutes Austria and Switzerland: These rules apply to ski holidays Austria and Switzerland – These rules apply to ski holidays Ski holidays are currently still possible in Austria and Switzerland. But winter vacationers have to take into … Read more

Summer vacation 2022: what destinations do Germans travel to? – Travel

Nothing is certain in troubled times like these. But the spring of 2022 could go down in the history of the pandemic as the time when freedom of travel and the irrepressible desire to travel returned among Germans. After two long years marked by border closures, testing, quarantine requirements and long entry forms, a spring … Read more

Tourism in Africa: local people travel | Africa | DW

The Zambezi River meanders beautifully in the border area between Zambia and Zimbabwe. Then, near Livingstone, the tourist center of the poor of Zambia, and at the height of Victoria Falls in neighboring Zimbabwe, masses of water fell in them by 110 metres. It forms the most powerful waterfall in Africa, Victoria Falls. But this … Read more

Vacation despite Corona: “Traveling abroad is very responsible”

sSince the Robert Koch Institute removed all 63 countries still classified as high-risk areas from the list as of March 3, traveling long distances hasn’t been easier for two years. In addition, more and more countries abroad are relaxing their entry rules. However, many travelers ask themselves one question: how safe is a vacation on … Read more

Vacation on the horizon: The Ready to Travel campaign provides information on important protection measures

03/08/2022 – 15:39 GlaxoSmithKline GmbH & Co. KG Munich (OTS) Travelers should seek medical advice at an early stage Vaccinations can prevent infectious diseases abroad With COVID-19 travel restrictions lifted, many people are making their vacation plans. The desire for travel adventures is revived, family vacations are planned. GSK’s current “Ready To Fly” awareness campaign … Read more

Eight things not to do when traveling

Berlin (dpa/tmn) – Always take care of your wallet and passport, ignore dubious cheap brand goods and don’t eat raw food in the tropics: most travelers know the most important travel rules. But is that all? You may not have thought about these 8 things you should never do when traveling: 1. Trust the hotel … Read more

More than just Corona: important vaccinations when traveling in Europe / Checking the vaccination card is part of …

02/05/2022 – 15:40 GlaxoSmithKline GmbH & Co. KG Munich (OTS) A vacation trip should be carefully planned, especially during a pandemic. In addition to measures to protect against corona, it is also important to think about protection against other diseases. A timely vaccination protection check should be a part of every travel preparation. Because even … Read more

Climate protection transparency: Studiosus publishes a CO2 footprint on all flights

04.05.2022 – 13:01 Studiozos Travel Munich (OTS) Studiosus continues to advance in climate protection and publishes its CO2 footprint in its travel catalogs. For the first time, this applies to the “Inspirations 2022” catalog, which will be published on May 6 and will feature 45 well-booked flights to more than 25 countries around the world. … Read more

Vacations on the Baltic Sea: the first homes in Olbnitz at double the value

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