TÜV Study for the Future of Mobility 2022

TÜV Study The Future of Mobility A private car is more important than a bike and a bus In the TÜV study, citizens state their desires and goals regarding personal mobility. Many of the results were surprising and different from political demands, especially when it comes to public transportation and electric cars. If you believe … Read more

Nine Euro ticket: Deutsche Bahn has sold 200,000 fixed-price tickets so far

DB said it had sold 200,000 tickets at nine euros on Monday through its reservation system by noon. Jörg Sandvoß, CEO of DB Regio, talks about a “historically significant” push into Deutsche Bahn systems at the start of ticket sales, which should be in effect from June. It’s an experiment without a blueprint, with seven … Read more

Flashes a lot: Raser’s stake in Albstadt nears all-time high – Albstadt & Surroundings

There has been a speed camera pole on Schillerstrasse since April 2020 – and it is having an effect. Photo: Muller The city of Albstadt has provided a comprehensive set of numbers: it provides information on how often Albstadt drivers flash in 2020 and 2021. Albstadt – In 203 days – eight more than a … Read more

Tomer Guardi: No Limits, No Rules

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Speed ​​cameras for smartphones against violators of mobile phones | Car engine and sports

Early in 2019, police authorities in Australia and the Netherlands announced the use of smartphone speed cameras. And now Germany’s first federal state is following suit in the fight against mobile phone criminals behind the wheel. Gregor Hebermell, Thomas Harloff 05/20/2022 The use of smartphones while driving with the engine running is not only prohibited … Read more

The Federal Council agrees: What you need to know about the €9 ticket – Politics

If you want to know whether the Germans want to participate or not, ask in Wuppertal. Stadtwerke was the first in Germany to activate presales via the app on Wednesday – even before the official decision. 1,700 tickets were sold out within a few hours. This clearly exceeded the expectations of the planners. “We weren’t … Read more

Traffic: Does a 9 euro ticket start the long journey through Germany?

The €9 federal government ticket is due to go live in June – provided federal states agree on Friday. The idea raises concerns about tourism hotspots – but it’s still tempting. The 9 euro ticket planned by the federal government shortly before the destination: on Friday at Federal Council Vote on whether regional trains and … Read more

Traffic: Traveling with a €9 ticket may be possible soon

A “9 euro ticket” for the federal government is due to start in June – provided that federal states agree on Friday. Will long-distance flights through Germany start next? The 9 euro ticket planned by the federal government shortly before the destination: on Friday at Federal Council Vote on whether regional trains and buses can … Read more

On the Summer Tour: TCS Tips

05/18/2022 – 08:30 Touring Club Schweiz / Suisse / Svizzero – TCS Verner In the summer, many Swiss go on excursions in their cars or on vacation. The Dose Control System (TCS) provides advice on optimal vehicle setup and correct equipment. Proper behavior on the road is also important to make the summer as enjoyable … Read more

The future of climate neutral trucking starts with Enginius

05/16/2022 – 16:27 Ingenious Ltd. Bremen (ots) The traditional FAUN company relies on the hydrogen engine and wants to make a significant contribution to the fight against climate change. A new era of climate protection has begun in Bremen: under the new ENGINIUS brand, the automobile manufacturer FAUN, specializing in municipal vehicles, is one of … Read more