Tomer Guardi: No Limits, No Rules

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The offender used ten different names

May 13, 2022 at 7:58 pm Knife attack on a regional train near Aachen : The suspect used ten different names 6 photos of a man stabbing passengers on a regional train near Aachen Photo: dpa/Ralph Roger Herzogenrath After the knife attack on the regional train near Aachen, investigators examine Islamic motives. According to information … Read more

€9 ticket in Berlin: Here’s what tourists can experience in Berlin

Travel A 9 euro ticket can help Berlin tourism Updated: 05/11/2022, 06:00 | Reading time: 6 minutes In the coming weeks, many more tourists are likely to be on the streets of Berlin again. picture: wolfgang com / d Head of “Visit Berlin” Kieker expects a special boom due to the offer of cheap local … Read more

With these 10 regional trains, you can travel across Germany without having to change trains

Apr 20 2022 – 2:37 pm hour by Daniel Wustenberg All over the country without changing trains. This is also possible with long regional trains. subordinate star It shows how soon you will be able to make the right trip with a €9 ticket. Reading tip: €9 ticket: validity, duration, costs and trains – what … Read more