What people expect from holidays and travel

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Mulheim: This is how the debate over the future of the airport goes

Mulheim. At a media event, opponents and supporters of Essen/Mulheim Airport argued. Why is there no consensus on the future? Nbsdfm espjb Bvg efn Gvàcbmmqmbu{ hfiu ft cjtxfjmfo ipdi ifs/ Bvdi jo efs ‟Wfsfjocbs” eft TW Sbbeu lpdiufo bn Ejfotubhbcfoe qibtfoxfjtf ejf Fnpujpofo ýcfs/ Ft hjoh bmmfsejoht ojdiu vn efo Tpojefpsu-n t Tpojefpsu-n t Tpojefpsu-n … Read more

Travel dispute: Chancellor expects concessions from Ukraine | Germany | DW

Is there anything moving in the diplomatic row over Frank-Walter Steinmeier’s canceled trip to Ukraine in April? Olaf Schultz said at the end of a cabinet meeting in Schloss Messberg, explaining again why he was not going to Ukraine at the moment and wanted to drive. But the German prime minister admits that he is … Read more

Travel: As a road racer, she takes a hiking tour through Germany – on horseback

Travel As a road racer, Sarah Bruce tours all over Germany Updated: 03/05/2022 05:59 | Reading time: 7 minutes “As a child, I dreamed of living in the woods with a herd of animals”: ​​contestant Sarah Bruce with her eunuch Löwenherz. Photo: Luke Hofnagel The young woman from Arensburg started with her horse in the … Read more

Camper travel: two nomads selling art

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Burbach and Neunkirchen: it’s summer now for outdoor pools

Burbach/Neunkirchen. The season begins – this is what summer will look like in the outdoor pools of Burbach and Neunkirchen. The outdoor pool season begins in southern Siegerland. It all started in Burbach on May 1, and Neunkirchen will follow next weekend. Burbach: Swimming courses are required With an open day, new tenants Gisela, Holger … Read more

They traveled despite the war and Corona – this is how things go!

Where to go in the summer The uncertainty is great, above all because of the Russian attack on Ukraine. So now you can plan and secure your trip. Should we fly on vacation at all — and if so, where? The war in Ukraine is casting a shadow over many people’s summer travel plans. – … Read more