Oscar Lafontaine resigns from the Left Party – Sahra Wagenknecht wants to stay

Germany Co-founder and former president Oscar Lafontaine resigns from the Left Party – Wagenknecht wants to stay Status: 1:58 PM | Reading time: 3 minutes Oscar Lafontaine turns his back on the Left Party After half a century of political action, Oscar Lafontaine, 78, left the Saarland state parliament with a speech about the war … Read more

The attitude towards Ukraine has not changed with difficulty

DrHe claimed that the tipping point is just hot air. Indeed, it was worth its own celebration to hear the Ukrainian president from the capital, which was threatened by the invading Russian forces. Because Silinsky speaks, as German politicians did not tire of emphasizing, as a European. He also speaks as a victim of the … Read more

Fill up: Crude oil is cheaper, fuel is at a record level – the government must take responsibility

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Lindner from Maischberger: Putin’s war goals can no longer be achieved! – Politics

Giving hope for a ceasefire in Ukraine, but beware of the Kremlin’s tricks! Sandra Meishberger’s “Woche” talk also cares about gas stations and patients. Guests Christian Lindner (43). The Federal Minister of Finance wants to pump 200 billion euros to reduce prices. Alexander Rodnyansky (35). The economist advises the head of Ukrainian freedom Volodymyr Zelensky. … Read more

Increasing demand for oil and flour – SWR Aktuell

The demand for oil and flour mills is huge, and in many supermarkets people buy some foods in excess. Dealers say hamster purchases are not appropriate. In light of the war in Ukraine, many people in Baden-Württemberg began stocking up on food again. The regional flour and oil mills already set the maximum purchase quantity. … Read more

Fill up: Crude oil is cheaper, fuel is at a record level – the government must take responsibility

DrBundeskartellamt warns the energy industry to keep fuel prices arbitrarily high, despite crude oil prices falling again. “If crude oil prices are now falling again and gas station prices are not tracking or even continuing to rise, you should take a closer look at it,” said President Andreas Mundt. This included several levels of the … Read more