Police violence, protest and embargo: Trump banned Kaepernick before a sensational comeback

Police violence, protest, ostracism Kaepernick banned by Trump before a sensational comeback 05/26/2022, 12:52 PM Quarterback Colin Kaepernick got on his knees while playing the American anthem to protest against racism in 2016 – and outraged the NFL and Donald Trump. He’s since been ostracized, but now the Las Vegas Raiders are giving Kaepernick a … Read more

Empty shelves: US flies in baby food through Ramstein

abroad Empty shelves US flies in baby food through Ramstein Status: 8:11 PM | Reading time: 3 minutes US soldiers in Ramstein load infant formula on a trip to Plainfield, Indiana Image source: AFP / AIRMAN FIRST CLASS ALEXCIA GIVEN For weeks, parents in the US have been searching for nearly empty baby food shelves. … Read more

Ukraine update: G7 wants to ‘never accept’ new borders | Current Europe | DW

The basics in a nutshell: The G7 insists on the territorial integrity of Ukraine Schultz: Putin has not achieved any of his war goals Zelensky calls for more pressure on Russia Barbuk confirms his solidarity with Ukraine Turkey opposes NATO expansion The seven major industrial countries of the West have given assurances that they will … Read more

Dating tips: According to psychologists, this is how you always flirt with success

kmpkt No more bad dates? According to psychologists, this is how you always flirt successfully Status: 08:29 AM | Reading time: 4 minutes A smile can always cheer up – the same goes for flirting Credit: Getty Images / ONOKY – Fabrice Lerouge What if the phrase “Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?” … Read more

G7 meeting in Schleswig-Holstein: Weißenhaus closes itself regional

From Thursday, the foreign ministers of the seven major industrialized nations will meet in the Baltic Sea. The most important topic remains the war in Ukraine, as well as talks about the accession of the war-torn country to the European Union. Foreign Minister Annalina Barbuk, 41, Al-Khidr, had previously made it clear that there was … Read more

War Day Glance: Moscow Sees Itself About to Be Targeted in Luhansk – Barbuk Sets an Example in Ukraine

Glimpse of war day Moscow sees itself on the verge of achieving the goal in Luhansk – Berbuk is an example in Ukraine 10/05-2022 9:23 PM Shocked during her visit to Bucha, Germany’s foreign minister, Annallina Barbock, declared that the victims of the atrocities owed her to the perpetrators. But the visit of President Silinsky … Read more

A Visit to Schwedt: Wrath of Robert Habeck

Bleel plup helue aettuaeu klel lu Pekvepl. Bepp ep helu FelOpolet velpeu velpe tel peu Vlllpeketlp- nup GtlOeOlulplel eu pel penlpek-outulpekeu 6leuee, vel pekuu ​​uulkel htel: Blue Zllelpelleluelpe Buek Fepeeh huOOl ulekl lu uulOeteu Nelleu lu ple BPG-Bettluelle, El Onpp enek uuek elhtoleu, velnO plek Benlpekteup elueO BOpelau tel lnpplpekep Qt eupektleQeu vllp, telu Qt … Read more

A visit to Schwedt: outrage at Habeck – “Can you prove that you represent German interests?”

HThere are performances you shouldn’t be too satisfied with: “It could have been higher or more luxurious,” Economy Minister Robert Habeck thanked his audience at the end of question time. After all, eggs did not fly here in Schwed. It was already clear that it would not be a home match for the Minister of … Read more

Formula 1: World Champion Verstappen wins first race in Miami

Sports motorsports World Champion Verstappen wins first Formula 1 race in Miami Status: 09:42 AM | Reading time: 4 minutes Verstappen wins in Miami, Schumacher collides with Vettel World champion Max Verstappen won his first Formula 1 race in Miami. On the other hand, Mick Schumacher lost points in his 26th start in Formula 1. … Read more