Maybrit Eliner: ‘We’ll have to help finance the reconstruction of Ukraine anyway’

HUkraine’s accession to the European Union, arms shipments, the course of the war – these were the main themes of Maybrit Illner. Military expert Gustav Gressel, who accused the chancellor of “meeting” in his speech in the Bundestag on Thursday, found the words clear at first. Olaf Schultz has always stayed out of the limelight … Read more

Ukraine: This is how dangerous it is for politicians to travel through a war zone

Warsaw. The trips of many politicians to Kyiv are carried out top secret. But how dangerous are these tours? How does it work? Friedrich Merz M sleeping stroller. Narrow bed, newly made in glossy white linen, wall upholstery in cream blue. The colors harmonize with the CDU leader’s shirt. There are water bottles on the … Read more

War night glimpse: EU begins oil boycott – Russia fires Ukrainian railways

Glimpse of the night of the war EU begins oil boycott – Russia sets fires on Ukrainian railways 05/04/2022 07:16 In light of Moscow’s aggressive war on Ukraine, the European Union aims to impose a ban on the import of Russian oil. This is what the EU Commission’s proposal for a new sanctions package says. … Read more