Steinmeier on the phone with Zelensky – an invitation to Kyiv to “lead the whole country”

Germany After a failed trip Steinmeier on the phone with Zelensky – an invitation to Kyiv to “lead the whole country” As of 5:57 PM | Reading time: 2 minutes Selinsky invites Steinmeier and invites senior government officials Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier spoke to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on the phone. He is said to … Read more

One of the most violent waves of Russian offensive

MWith massive missile launches at Ukraine’s railway systems, Russia is trying to stop the West’s supply of weapons. The State Railways announced the bombing of six train stations in western and central Ukraine on Tuesday. There were no injuries among the workers and passengers. 14 passenger trains were temporarily delayed. The missiles also hit three … Read more

War night glimpse: EU begins oil boycott – Russia fires Ukrainian railways

Glimpse of the night of the war EU begins oil boycott – Russia sets fires on Ukrainian railways 05/04/2022 07:16 In light of Moscow’s aggressive war on Ukraine, the European Union aims to impose a ban on the import of Russian oil. This is what the EU Commission’s proposal for a new sanctions package says. … Read more

Frederic Merz meets with Ukrainian President Selinsky in Kyiv

Policy visit to Ukraine CDU leader, Merz, meets with Ukrainian President Selinsky in Kyiv Status: 2:10 AM | Reading time: 3 minutes “Merz met Silinsky. This will harm the Social Democrats in Berlin.” During his visit to Kyiv, the head of the Christian Democratic Union, Frederic Merz, met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. A Merz … Read more

The attitude towards Ukraine has not changed with difficulty

DrHe claimed that the tipping point is just hot air. Indeed, it was worth its own celebration to hear the Ukrainian president from the capital, which was threatened by the invading Russian forces. Because Silinsky speaks, as German politicians did not tire of emphasizing, as a European. He also speaks as a victim of the … Read more

Ukraine has not yet reached Strela missiles

DrThe Federation strongly criticized the federal government for its attitude towards Ukraine. Aside from the initially announced rocket-propelled grenades and Stinger missiles, nothing has reached Kyiv so far. No more than 1,000 old Strela missiles have been delivered, and further inquiries from Ukraine have not been addressed. The union also strongly criticized the way the … Read more