Ukrainian football in wartime | Sports | DW

Oleksandr Petrakov is not a big talker. The Ukrainian national coach looks tough and nervous in an interview with DW. “I feel a great responsibility. To our fans back home, to our armed forces, to ordinary people who are at home in Ukraine now,” he says curtly. “It’s a huge responsibility for me and the … Read more

Anne Will: “Scholes is playing for time. Ukraine does not want to win this war.”

DrThree months have passed since Russian forces invaded Ukraine. Since then, martial law has entered into force in Ukraine, which parliament in Kyiv extended for another 90 days at the weekend. It is clear there that the war will go on for a long time. How successful Ukraine will be in defending itself against Russian … Read more

The future of the global economy – Morning Brief Plus

Today I am reporting from Handelsblatt headquarters in Düsseldorf, in the middle of final preparations for my trip to the World Economic Forum in Davos. It is a delicate moment for the global economy: As state leaders, NGO representatives and CEOs gather in the Swiss mountain resort, growth rates in China are collapsing, the United … Read more

Maybrit Eliner: ‘We’ll have to help finance the reconstruction of Ukraine anyway’

HUkraine’s accession to the European Union, arms shipments, the course of the war – these were the main themes of Maybrit Illner. Military expert Gustav Gressel, who accused the chancellor of “meeting” in his speech in the Bundestag on Thursday, found the words clear at first. Olaf Schultz has always stayed out of the limelight … Read more

Refugee ‘S’ protection status must be checked by experts

More than 50,000 people have fled to Switzerland since the start of the war in Ukraine. Protection status S should now be checked by external experts. Refugees from Ukraine. – Agence France-Presse / archive ad The basics in brief More than 50,000 people fled Ukraine for Switzerland. So far, the federal government has come up … Read more

The federal government wants to take a closer look at Protective S status.

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, more than 50,000 people have fled to Switzerland. Outside experts are now checking the protection status of S. The State Secretariat for Migration (SEM) processes asylum applications. – Keystone ad The basics in brief More than 50,000 people fled Ukraine for Switzerland. So far, the federal government … Read more

Olaf Schultz on TV: This statement annoys Friedrich Merz

abroad After the TV appearance ‘Stranger’ – Merz criticizes Schulze’s statement about ‘shooting dates’ in Kyiv As of 4:47 pm | Reading time: 4 minutes Frederic Merz (CDU) went to Kyiv in early May Source: dpa / Efrem Lukatsky You can listen to the WELT podcast here To view embedded content, your revocable consent to … Read more

What does war in Ukraine mean for travel DW Travel | DW

In fact, questions about how the war in Ukraine will affect the travel industry is currently out of the question. “These questions are in the background now. People are dying in Ukraine, people you know, hundreds of thousands are forced to flee, that’s what matters now,” Martin Lang Seibenthaler of travel agency Dreizackreisen that specializes … Read more

Ukraine: More premature births in war Europe | DW

For Aljona Hawrylenko, it’s hard to separate joy and sadness right now. A few days ago, the 28-year-old gave birth to a daughter. Darina sleeps peacefully in a small cot next to her mother’s hospital bed. She still can’t believe how her life has changed from the ground up in the past few weeks. Alina … Read more