Belgium sends infected people to isolation for 21 days

WPeople infected with monkeypox will have to self-isolate in Belgium for 21 days. The Belgian health authorities decided, on Friday, to limit the spread of the disease, the Belgian news magazine “The Brussels Times” reported. The incubation period should last between five days and three weeks. However, the German Federal Ministry of Health expects an … Read more

Corona News: The first death from Corona in North Korea

In North Korea, it appears that about 350,000 people have already contracted “unknown fever”. As reported by the official Central News Agency, about 187,800 people have been isolated and are now being treated after the fever has spread “explosively” across the country since the end of April. It is currently unclear if and how many … Read more

Corona News: The European Union ends the mask requirement in air traffic – Politics

The obligation to wear mouth and nose guards at airports and during flights in the European Union will be lifted from 16 May. This was announced by the European Union authorities for air traffic safety EASA and ECDC. EASA President Patrick Key said the change is in line with the changing public transport requirements of … Read more

Corona updated: An expert expects masks to be mandatory

Infection scientist Marilyn Addo expects mask requirements to be introduced again in Germany in winter. Ado Der said that after a good summer, the number of cases will increase again in the fall Rheinische Post. “I suppose measures like the obligation to wear masks will come back in the winter – at least in public … Read more

Corona updated: the infection rate at the country level continues to decline

The nationwide seven-day infection rate has fallen again. The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) gave the value of new infections per 100,000 inhabitants and the week Sunday morning 1,346.3. For comparison: the previous day the value was 1350.4. A week ago, the nationwide infection rate was 1466.5 (previous month: 638.8). Health authorities in Germany have reported … Read more