Lovro Zvonarek moves to Bayern Munich: little Modric, little Torres

Bayern made a commitment to Lovro Zvonarek a year ago. In the meantime, the Croatian made history. Lovro Zvonarek is very familiar with high speeds. Born in the far north of Croatia, he grew up not far from the highway stronghold of Prelog. When the motorcyclists broke the dust, young Zvonarik loved to watch. He … Read more

From shoe salesman to Ligue 1 star: the extraordinary story of Florian Sotoka

No, Florian Sotoka is definitely no longer a talent. The RC Lens striker is now 31 years old. In this age, the big stars on the scene are gradually entering the house straight from their careers, at least the end of their careers is closer than the beginnings in the professional field. But this is … Read more

Darmstadt 98 vs. SC Paderborn LIVE: Watch today’s second German Bundesliga on TV and live

All matches of the 34th and final round of the regular season of the German Second Division will take place on Sunday at 3.30 pm. In the course of it comes Darmstadt 98 vs SC Paderborn. Thus fourth receives sixth place, with Lillies and SCP scoring 57 and 51 points, respectively. The first duel of … Read more

Dying at 23: The tragic story of Andrea Fortunato’s lucky Juventus kid

Switching shirts is always an expression of a special relationship: when Matteo Ruggeri and Giorgio Chiellini put their shirts into each other’s hands at the end of November, it was so much more. It’s not at all about the friendly relationship between the Salernitana left-back and the Juventus icon, but these two players, wearing the … Read more