May 9th anniversary performances: Putin’s shadow stretches all the way to Berlin

May 9 is a public holiday in Russia – on that day the country celebrates the victory over Nazi Germany after enormous sacrifices. Now, Putin is waging war against the former Soviet Republic of Ukraine. This also leads to distress in Berlin. Police decided not to raise Russian flags at the Soviet memorial in East … Read more

Tv show “Anne Weil”: “Hitler’s Germany was defeated only because the USA and other countries supplied them with weapons”

aOn Sunday evening, in memory of the liberation, Chancellor Schulz addressed the German people in a televised address. In his speech, he stressed, “Never war again” has been a priority for Europe since 1945 – and now Germany must help end the war in Ukraine. In addition, he also emphasized his readiness to supply Ukraine … Read more

Commemoration of May 8, 1945 in the shadow of the Ukraine war – Melnik criticizes the ban on flags

Updated on 05/08/2022 20:57 On May 8th and 9th, the end of World War II is celebrated. The new war in Ukraine dominates this year’s commemoration. Ukrainian Ambassador Melnik commemorated the Ukrainian soldiers and criticized the ban on the raising of flags. You can find more current news here A warning on a new war: … Read more

Russia Expands Its Attacks – Fighting in the East

The tragic situation in Azowstal meIn a ceasefire at the Battle of Azostal on Saturday, the last civilians were rescued from their hideouts, according to the consensus of Ukrainian and Russian information. But for the remaining soldiers, the situation is desperate. The commander of the 36th Marine Brigade, Serhiy Wolinsky, wrote on Facebook that he … Read more